The Vaccine Confidence Project provides resources and training to educate healthcare professionals and the public which share the goal of optimizing vaccine confidence in MA, to ensure that all residents are fully protected against serious, vaccine preventable disease.

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Influenza Vaccination to Help Protect all Adults: National Foundation for Infectious Diseases
Webinar on the importance of annual vaccination to help prevent influenza (flu) and serious related complications in older adults and those with chronic health conditions

Vaccine Information You Need from the Immunization Action Coalition
For parents and people of all ages, it provides timely, accurate, and factual information about vaccines and the diseases they prevent.

Shots Heard Round the World
Shots Heard is a rapid-response digital cavalry dedicated to protecting the online safety of health care providers and practices.

Día de la Mujer Latina
The mission of Día de la Mujer Latina is to promote healthy behaviors within the underserved Latino community by providing a culturally and linguistically proficient education, facilitating early detection screening, culturally preventative care interventions; promoting wellness with resource information, Promotores/Community Health Workers training and Patient Navigation for follow-up services.

The Benefits of Maternal Immunization: 2 for 1 Approach to Disease Prevention
A discussion on the importance of maternal immunization in protecting both mother and baby. Speakers discuss current US immunization recommendations for pregnant women and best practices for making strong vaccine recommendations.

Vaccinate Your Family
Vaccinate Your Family's mission is to protect people of all ages from vaccine-preventable diseases.

2024 HPV Prevention Week-One
Us vs. HPV Prevention Week-One week series of webinars, social media campaigns and local events to promote awareness about HPV and HPV related diseases.

Improving the Vaccination Experience: Reducing Pain and Anxiety for Children and Adults
Anxiety about needles and injections affects as many as 2 out of 3 children and 1 out of 4 adults. This anxiety can contribute to dreading, delaying, or avoiding vaccinations, even when the importance of preventing illness is understood. Good news: there are safe, effective, and practical steps that vaccinators, vaccine recipients, and caregivers can take to reduce vaccination-related pain and anxiety. Creating a less stressful vaccination experience increases confidence in vaccination.

St. Jude Pathway to Prevention-Fact Sheets
St. Jude Pathway to Prevention-Fact Sheets General audience, parents and healthcare providers (English and Spanish available)

Routine Immunizations on Schedule for Everyone (RISE) | CDC
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a concerning drop in routine immunizations for children and adults. Routine vaccination is rebounding but unevenly and has not yet recovered among all groups. Many children and adults that delayed vaccination during the pandemic are still behind schedule. While we continue to investigate the impact of the pandemic on routine immunizations, it is crucial that we take steps to help get everyone back on schedule with their routine immunizations.

65+ Flu Defense
Older adults account for about 70-85% of annual flu-related deaths in the United States.

Improving the Vaccine Experience: Accessible Vaccination for Neurodiverse People at Any Age
People with autism and other developmental disabilities have lower childhood immunization rates than their peers without autism, leaving them vulnerable to many vaccine-preventable diseases

The Vaccine Quest
Vaccine Information for Families answering questions like: How do vaccines work? How can I tell if the science I am reading about is valid? Who is making sure vaccines are safe? Where do vaccines go once they are inside my body?

Infectious IDeas
Infectious IDeas, a podcast series presented by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID), where leading experts join us for thought-provoking conversations that lead to infectious ideas. Guests include humble heroes and future leaders working together towards a shared vision of healthier lives through effective prevention and treatment.

Communicating About Vaccines – COVID-19 & More
Details the dangers of COVID-19 disease, explains the US system to authorize and approve vaccines and highlights the safety & effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.

Voices for Vaccines-Vax Ambassador Monthly Training-past recordings
Voices for Vaccines-Vax Ambassador Monthly Training-past recordings: busting myths, cancer prevention, stopping misinformation, etc...

Voices for Vaccines discusses the current and future state of mRNA Vaccines
Voices for Vaccines - The Future of mRNA Vaccines - Podcast

2023 MDPH Immunization Updates: Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in Massachusetts
As a result of participating in this activity, learners should be able to: - Describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on other VPDs in MA and discuss current COVID-19 isolation and quarantine guidance, applying the guidance accurately to two theoretical scenarios.

2023 MDPH Immunization Updates: VFC Compliance/Vaccine Storage and Handling
As a result of participating in this activity, learners should be able to: - State the requirements and recommendations for proper storage and handling of vaccines - Summarize the latest federal Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program requirements

2023 MDPH Immunization Updates: Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS)
As a result of participating in this activity, learners should be able to: - Define ways to improve data quality within the MIIS and electronic health records including bidirectional data exchange - Explain providers’ legal responsibility for reporting to the immunization registry