The Vaccine Confidence Project provides resources and training to educate healthcare professionals and the public which share the goal of optimizing vaccine confidence in MA, to ensure that all residents are fully protected against serious, vaccine preventable disease.

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Vaccine Safety + VAERS, VSD, CISA project
CDC's V-Safe is an after vaccination health checker, which provides timely and transparent information about the safety of vaccines to public health officials, healthcare providers, and the public. The office conducts vaccine safety monitoring and clinical research to help keep vaccines safe.

The Architecture of Provider-Parent Vaccine Discussions at Health Supervision Visits
A study for providers that explores the influence of communication practices on parent resistance to vaccine recommendations and shows that how providers initiate and pursue vaccine recommendations promotes vaccine acceptance.

Principal Controversies in Vaccine Safety in the United States
Summary of current vaccine safety controversies in the U.S.

Confidence About Vaccines in the United States: Understanding Parents’ Perceptions
Parent perceptions regarding vaccines and commonly reported vaccine concerns.

When the personal is political – and infectious
Provides context into vaccination decisions among common vaccine-hesitant populations.

Communicating with parents about vaccination: a framework for health professionals
An examination of common parental perceptions of vaccination and an evidence-based framework to help providers communicate with parents.

Inside Story: What’s the cure for misinformation on vaccines?
A 25-minute video on the spread of vaccine misinformation and how to combat it.

Immunity Community – Talking about Vaccines
How to have vaccine conversations, including keystone statements, effective messaging, and the HEART and Ask Advise Acknowledge method.

Trust in Vaccines: Why it Matters
This Forum event examines the importance of immunization, the safety of vaccines, and the consequences of vaccine hesitancy.

Responding to parent’s questions about vaccines
Videos and PPTs to guide discussions with patients and parents (from IAC, CDC, Vaccine Education Center, and AAP).

Communicating with vaccine hesitant families
Evidence-based strategies on communicating about vaccine hesitancy.

Preparing for questions from parents about vaccines
Answering common questions on the vaccine schedule, safety, and potential side effects.

TRAIN Learning: Immunization and Effective Communication
Webinars on effective communication techniques - how to make strong vaccine recommendations and referrals and address common questions (register for a free account to access the webinars).

Talking to parents about vaccines
Conversational techniques for discussions with parents.

#HowIRecommend Vaccination Video Series
Short videos with providers sharing stories on how they handled their patients’ vaccine concerns.

Talking to Recipients about COVID-19 vaccination
These communication resources will help you share clear and accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines, raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination, and address common questions and concerns about what to expect when getting vaccinated.

Vaccinate with Confidence – Strategy to reinforce confidence in COVID-19 vaccines
Vaccinate with Confidence is the strategic framework of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to strengthen vaccine confidence and prevent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases in the United States.

COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative: Highlights
Read about the work in Massachusetts communities most heavily impacted by COVID-19, to reduce barriers to COVID vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative: Communications Materials
Access to all communication materials to support communities with vaccine information; translated materials available in multiple languages