About Us

 Portrait of a Black family, smiling and displaying the band-aids on their arms, after getting a vaccination.

Our Mission

To increase vaccine confidence throughout Massachusetts to ensure that all residents are fully protected against serious, vaccine-preventable disease. People who lack vaccine confidence are more likely to seek exemptions to school-required immunizations and to pass on recommended vaccinations, which can put our children and communities at risk.


What we do

Collaborate with individuals and organizations which support immunization

Develop science-based immunization resources and training materials.

Educate healthcare professionals and the public


The Massachusetts Vaccine Confidence Project welcomes the opportunity to partner with individuals and organizations which share the goal of optimizing vaccine confidence throughout Massachusetts. If you have questions or are interested in joining the project please contact us.

Current Membership Organizations

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Massachusetts Chapter - American Academy of Pediatrics - Dedicated to the health of all children.
Massachusetts Adult Immunization Coalition